Little Soya finds a new home!

The latest buzz that has the entire Little Soya executive team and staff excited about? First off, let me share with you our executive team has been growing by leaps and bounds!  It’s really a great feeling to see our years of hard work coming to fruition right in front of our eyes.


And, we’re proud to say we’ll be moving into our new offices this Friday! We’ll be located on 290, just off the freeway – at 10900 Northwest Freeway, Suite 208, Houston, Texas 77092. All I know is now it will be even easier to work together to discuss our future plans of soy sauce global domination all over the world!
What are your thought and opinions? Do you prefer the work office environment? Or are you well disciplined enough to work from home?
Some believe that quality and speed are often sacrificed when you work from home, and that physically being together is more productive. But others can argue that maybe working from home can be more efficient, whereas you don’t have to waste time in traffic, reduces the company’s real estate costs, and improves employee morale. 
What do we think?? Little Soya staff believes that there isn’t a clear distinction between work and home… we’re constantly running around making sure all of our beloved fans and supporters have Little Soya when and wherever they need it:) WE LOVE OUR JOBS and hope you love yours too! 
Peace, Love, & Soy Sauce
 new office

Little Soya Now Sold on!

                After months and months of work, we are very proud and excited to announce – we are officially available for sale on the world’s largest online retailer,!  This is an important step for us, because while we would love to say we are available in all grocery stores globally, we’re not there yet.  So to satisfy the needs of our customers and fans globally, you can order your gluten free, less sodium & non-gmo soy sauce, Little Soya, by just a click away here on!

             Our product profile is being improved as we write this — we are already getting in orders daily from around the world. Too exciting for our team and now you too can save a trip to the store and have Little Soya delivered right to your door!