Little Soya Soy Sauce is Launching to the International Space Station on July 24, 2014

Here is the rocket launching Little Soya into space!  The Ariane 5, ATV-5.

Here is the rocket launching Little Soya into space! The Ariane 5, ATV-5.

Remember when we told you that Little Soya had plans for worldwide domination in 2014? Well, that wasn’t entirely true. See, we decided that taking over the world and ridding the planet of bad soy sauce simply wasn’t enough. We have to think bigger. We have to go where no gluten-free soy sauce has gone before. We have to take over the entire universe! And on July 24, 2014, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

We’re proud to announce that Little Soya was chosen by NASA and Lockheed Martin to make Little Soya the first gluten-free soy sauce in space! That’s right – Little Soya is getting launched to the International Space Station to be used by astronauts from all over the world.

Thanks to the innovative design of our little fishy packets (which earned a coveted silver Sofi award for “Outstanding Innovation in Packaging Design” in 2012), we’ve solved the annoying problem of leakiness and messiness many astronauts encounter when using traditional single-serving soy sauce packets in a zero-gravity environment.

“Our unique, resealable soy sauce packets are ideal for use in outer space because they must be squeezed to dispense soy sauce and they don’t leak,” said Little Soya CEO Gary Murphy.

A Long Journey

Now, all of this didn’t happen overnight. It all started about two years ago when our CEO, Gary Murphy, received a phone call from a Sr. Research Scientist with NASA & Lockheed Martin, stating that one of our astronauts had complained on his last debriefing that when he would open a packet of soy sauce on the International Space Station, the sauce would spew all over (much like it does here on earth). Her department had been tasked to find a solution to their soy sauce problems in space. Gary was told that an astronaut’s wife happened to see Little Soya on the shelves of a local grocery store, HEB. She realized the packaging could be ideal for use in outer space and told NASA about her discovery. Not long after, they called Gary showing interest in Little Soya’s unique packaging and functionality.

After the phone call, Gary and SVP Crystal Lee personally delivered samples out to NASA for testing. He was told the testing process would take about 6 months…

For two years, there wasn’t a peep from anyone at NASA. But finally, earlier this year, we got the call! NASA reps reached out and said they’d take a few cases of Little Soya. The rest, as they say, is history.

Mission & Launch Date Details

In T-30 days, this rocket will launch our soy sauce into outer space!

In T-30 days, this rocket will launch our soy sauce into outer space!

Be sure to watch our soy sauce blast off LIVE into outer space! You can watch a LIVE stream at

Little Soya is all set to become the first gluten-free soy sauce launched into space when it blasts off on Thursday, July 24 at 941pm EDT on the Ariane 5, ATV-5 rocket headed to the International Space Station.

“For a small but strong company like we are, it means the world to us to have a globally recognized name like NASA and Lockheed Martin choose us out of all the possibilities,” Murphy said. “That’s a major, major milestone for us. We have awesome clients, really powerful names. But who can say that their product is going to space? And it’s pretty cool to know that at this point Little Soya will be the first gluten-free soy sauce in space.”

Everyone here at the Little Soya headquarters is bursting with excitement for this historic moment.

Galactic domination is within our reach!