Crystal Lee Dishes on Little Soya’s Emerging Florida Market


Crystal Lee, Little Soya’s Regional SVP of Global Accounts – East, recently flew down to Florida to help spread the good word about the tastiest soy sauce in the universe and to check in on some of our amazing clients across the area. Upon her return, we caught up with Crystal for a brief discussion about her trip to the Sunshine State.


Tell us a little bit about your trip to Florida. Were you there on official Little Soya business?

I had the opportunity to visit both Orlando and Miami. I had meetings with several big potential clients as well as with several distributors while I was there. Florida is one of our new emerging markets, so this trip was very important to our business.
Miami’s dining scene has really exploded in recent years as celebrity chefs have come and made their mark. What was your experience with the local food scene while you were there?

Miami has always had a pretty decent food scene, but there does seem to be some great new options popping up and it’s a great time to get our product out there.
I understand you made a visit to Makoto Restaurant while you were there. What can you tell us about the relationship between the highly rated Japanese restaurant and Little Soya?

Crystal Lee w/ Chef Page Pressley

Crystal Lee w/ Chef Page Pressley

It was great to stop by Makoto and to see the restaurant and meet their remarkable team. They haven’t actually started using Little Soya just yet, but they are about to now that Chef Page Pressley knows he can get Little Soya.
You also visited our Featured Chef Joe Bonavita, Jr. at SooWoo. He’s a huge Little Soya fan and he seems to be using our soy sauce in some really interesting and innovative ways. What were your impressions during your visit?

SooWoo 1 SooWoo 2

I was very excited to see what all Chef Joe does with the menu, and I was lucky enough to have a private tasting of some amazing dishes. Chef Joe is a real talent, and we’re so humbled that he loves our product!
As we all know, Little Soya is quickly gaining popularity among chefs and food lovers alike across the country. What can you tell us about Little Soya’s growth in Florida and particularly in Miami, one of the nation’s hottest dining scenes?

It’s just beginning but it’s well on its way. We expect to continue to grow the Florida market, and we look forward to what’s to come.
What’s next for Crystal Lee? Any more trips in your near future?

Next stop is Taste of NFL in Scottsdale Arizona!


We’d like to thank Crystal for taking the time to answer a few questions, and remember, you can follow her on Twitter @crystalleester.

7 Questions with Crystal Lee

Crystal Soya


“7 Questions with…” is a new series we’re starting here on Little Soya Buzz News. Every month, we’ll shine the spotlight on one of our star team members at Little Soya, giving you a chance to get to know them a little better.

We’re kicking things off with Crystal Lee, Little Soya’s VP of Global Accounts & Marketing. Crystal has been with the company since 2011, and she has played an integral role in helping Little Soya grow to become one of the most requested gluten-free soy sauces in the world. You can follow her on Twitter @crystalleester.

So, let’s get to it already. Here are 7 Questions with Crystal Lee!


1.       What do you do here at Little Soya?

Is this a trick question? I have my hands in a little bit of everything. However my actual title is VP of Global Accounts & Marketing.


2.       What 3 words would use to describe yourself?

Sweet, Angelic, Innocent. Okay not really… Let’s go with Alpha, Xenophile and Animated


3.       What do you like to do in your free time?

When is that?!! I like to eat food and drink wine, so anything that involves that. I also really love the Sauna. I enjoy the arts in all different forms as well.


4.       Do you have any special talents?

I can stand on my tippy toes. I have a pretty good grasp on Latin root words which gives me an edge in linguistics.


5.       What is something interesting that your co-workers don’t know about you?

The majority of my travels abroad have been by myself.


6.       What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever tried Little Soya on?

I don’t think it’s weird at all but Little Soya on Flatbread is yummy.


7.       What is your favorite thing to put Little Soya on?

So many things! But currently I’m loving it with Micheladas!


Don’t forget to follow Crystal on Twitter @crystalleester.