Summer Fun With Little Soya!

Summer is here, and if you are like any of us here at Little Soya, you have tons of Little Fishes lying around, just waiting for the perfect use! Well, you are in luck! Brenda of Team Little Soya has come up with 2 totally awesome, not to mention totally green, ways to re-use those mountains of fishes!

Little Soya Ice Cubes

The first way she uses her empty fishes is as ICE CUBES! It’s super easy to make ice that is “adult beverage friendly”, meaning it won’t water it down! Just fill your fishes with water, or even colored water to make em’ a little more fun, freeze ’em, and add ’em to your drinks! They won’t melt and water down your drinks, and when they aren’t frozen anymore, just pop them back into the freezer!

Blue Little Soya Ice CubesLittle Soya Ice Cubes

The second, and most fun use for Little Fishes, POOL TOYS!  This one takes a little more time, and a few more fishes, but it’s totally worth it!  Make some colored water by adding a few drops of food coloring to some cups of water, squeeze your empty fish, dunk it, then release it to fill up the fish with the colored water!

Colored Fishes

They will float in the water, and the kids had so much fun!

Colored Pool FishesColored Pool FishesColored Pool FishesColored Pool Fishes

What do you do with your empty fishes?

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