Our Top 5 Favorite Houston Food Brands! Summer 2013!

Little Soya prides itself on being a small, Houston based food company and we love supporting local events and businesses. We have rounded up a list of some of our other favorite Houston food businesses and brands, spread the love and support local businesses!


First up is Cocoa & Cardamom!


Cacao & Cardamom was opened in 2012 by artisan chocolatier, Annie Rupani

From the website:

It’s been a dream to be able to combine my love for chocolate, traveling, experiencing different cultures, learning, sharing, and art and turn it into a unique business venture. Not only do I want to share my handmade exotic confections, I want to share my inspiration, passion, and experiences with you through the flavors and artistry of chocolate. My desire is to bring a moment of bliss to your day and inspire you to explore new flavors, people, things, and experiences. I hope that by tasting our chocolates, it will give you a momentary escape to a delightful place and remind yourself to live in the moment and be more mindful of what we’re experiencing and doing. Hope you enjoy your chocolates and thank you for joining us on this delicious adventure!

You can visit the website and create your own box of chocolates or buy one of her signature boxes!


Next up is RiceSelect!


Texmati® is the most widely recognized brand of aromatic rice in the United States and is frequently requested by name in leading magazines, newspapers and cookbooks. Our award-winning Texmati White Rice combines the qualities of basmati with that of traditional American long grain rice. Similar to basmati, Texmati has a delightful aroma of popcorn and a delicious nutty flavor. Like traditional American long grain rice, cooked grains swell in both length and width and are dry, separate and fluffy. Its delicious flavor, delightful aroma, unique texture and easy cooking characteristics set Texmati White Rice apart from all other aromatics. It tastes great served on its own as a side dish, or is perfect in dishes that are enhanced by its fluffy texture and exotic aroma. Texmati White Rice is also available certified as 100% U.S. organically grown. Star-K Kosher Certified.


Blue Heron Farm Cheeses is next on our list, and is our go-to for fresh, local Goat Cheese!

blue heron

Blue Heron Farm is a small, family owned goat dairy dedicated to producing high quality, healthful foods in a sustainable manner.

Located on 10.5 acres in Field Store Community, Texas, we specialize in fresh goat cheeses, which are available at Houston area farmer’s markets and occasionally at select Houston area restaurants.


Bravado Spice is from Houston too!



Fresh produce. All natural ingredients. Real food. Real flavor.
Bravado Spice started when company owners, James Nelson and Jeremiah Tallerine, decided they wanted to make hot sauce that was above and beyond what was available. Something bigger and bolder than the standard variety. With products like Pineapple & Habanero Sauce and San Patricio Sauce, they’re on a mission to bring real flavor to America.
Sang Sang Asian Sauce is for sure one of our faves!
Developed and produced locally, the name Sang Sang comes from the name of the owner’s mother who created the recipe as well as the Vietnamese word for “fancy.”

Sang Sang’s mission is to offer the highest quality and value in its authentic Vietnamese nuoc mam pha san, filled with the history of the Vietnamese community.

This complex sauce is one of the most popular in Vietnam but is not produced commercially in the U.S. Sang Sang uses a proprietary formula without preservatives to produce an authentic, historic sauce for the U.S. market.

Sang Sang sauces offer outstanding quality and authentic taste. The Company’s sauces are based on historic recipes made exactly as they have been made for hundreds of years by the best Vietnamese cooks. The Company will remain a specialty manufacturer that uses fresh ingredients without preservatives and offers its sauces at a competitive price point to a large, underserved market, beginning in Houston.


What are your favorite Houston Brands?

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