Little Soya Plans Worldwide Domination for 2014

You might have heard that 2014 is the Year of the Horse according to Chinese Zodiac. Well, we’re here to set the record straight. This isn’t just the Year of the Horse, it’s also the Year of Little Soya. As we alluded to a couple weeks ago, we have some enormous plans for 2014. Now, Gary is finally allowing me to pull back the curtain a little more to reveal his truly shocking plans.

From the main man himself, “2014 is the year that Little Soya is going to take over the world. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!”

Soya Pinky Brain

How Will Little Soya Take Over the World?

Worldwide domination isn’t something that’s easily achieved. You must have a plan, and it had better be dang good.  Of course, it would be silly and downright imbecilic to reveal our full plan right here for everyone to see. In fact, only but a handful of key members of the Little Soya team have been granted access to our complete plans for worldwide domination, and they were forced to eat the pieces of paper containing details of the plan to ensure the information wouldn’t get into the wrong hands.

Niki washes down the evidence with some Little Soya.

Niki washes down the evidence with some Little Soya.


Having said that, the first piece of the plan will be revealed very soon. 2/14/14…that’s all I’m saying.

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