How To Go See A Movie – The Little Soya Way

Everyone loves going to the movies, and we will assume that you also love sushi and Little Soya as well! What better way to beat the heat, than to enjoy some sushi and Little Soya at the theater!  Now we all know that bringing in your own munchies is against the rules, shhh! We won’t tell if you dont!

On your way to the movie, stop by your nearest H-E-B and pick up some pre made sushi from the kiosks that are in most local stores. Don’t forget to pick up a pack of Little Soya too! It’s usually located right next to the sushi kiosk, or on the Soy Sauce isle!


Next head over to bulk foods section and stock up on some candy! The bulk bins are the easiest and cheapest way to try a little bit of everything!


Little Soya is perfect for snacking on the go, no spills, and you don’t have to throw away what you don’t use in a single serving!

Where do you take Little Soya?

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