“Green” Father’s Day Gift Guide

Not all dads are in to power tools or neck ties, and we don’t see many gift guides created for “Green” dads,  so we decided to create a list of gifts our own dads would love to have! For this guide, I started out on Etsy (I mean, how could you not!), and expanded to a few of my fave green shopping sites, there are even a couple of links to some other bloggers’ Green Gift Guides!

One of my favorite gift ideas is this beautiful Walnut business card holder, it’s really unique and a great way for Dad to store his own business cards or even a few credit cards!

walnut business card holder

If you have a Chef Dad on your hands, D’Artagnan offers up some delicious top-of-the-line grass fed and organic cuts of meat, including Kobe-Style beef! (Don’t forget to pick him up some Little Soya for his marinades!)

Kobe Beef

For the sentimental/hard to shop for dad, a hand stamped key chain might be the best bet! Every dad has a set of keys!



Next up is a Manly Man Soap Set from Rocky Top Soap Shop on Etsy. They offer really unique soap scents and even have one just for dad!



For all of the Tech Dads, check out this HDMI Pocket Projector from Gifts.com. Make dad the life of any party!

hdmi projector

Organic Bouquet is offering up an awesome snack basket that even includes beer!

beer basket

Dads seem a little harder to shop for, every year, don’t they! If you didn’t like any of our choices, check out the bloggers below for their lists of the best Green Gifts for Dad!

Organic Gardening has an awesome gift guide for outdoor enthusiasts!

The Healthy Voyager has some really unique gift ideas in their list!


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