Business is Booming!


Just wanted to give everyone a quick update about our growth… we have been growing non-stop since 2011. We are now about 95% focused on the food service sector with large national food service distributors like Sysco, US Foods, Chefs Warehouse, Ben E Keith, European Imports and Bi-Rite.

We now have 1000+ clients including restaurants, hotels, hospitals, universities, schools, resorts, cruise ships, airlines and now we are even the official soy sauce used on the International Space Station!

My how we’ve grown! To think, we got our start just selling regular sodium fish packets at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas for all room service and buffet. Now we have distribution in New York City, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Austin, Atlanta, Portland and more!

Little Soya is now the most requested soy sauce by top chefs in the US! Chefs are using Little Soya for just about everything. Marinades, salad dressings, fish sauce, ponzu sauce, mushroom sauce, teriyaki sauce, even desserts! (Little Soya carmelized with bananas, served at Nobu on Hudson in NY). Chefs love us and we love them too!

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Thank you for all of the continued support from our customers. We wouldn’t be anywhere without you!

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