Back To School With Little Soya

The “Back To School” Season is upon us, once again! Where has the summer gone?  If you are a Gluten Free Mom, the hardest part of back to school, is getting ready to send safe, healthy lunches for your kiddo to eat at school. Finding quick, convenient gluten free goodies for kid’s lunches can be tough! Here are a few lunchtime ideas that are sure to be a hit!

1. Little Soya and Sushi, of course!

Our little fishes are perfect for kids lunches. They are easy to open, spill free, and waste-free since you can save your leftover soy sauce, and even re-use your fishes like we have suggested in the past!  You can get pre-made sushi from your local HEB, and with an ice pack in your lunch bag, it will last perfectly until lunch time!

heb sushi

It's impossible to not fall in love with Little Soya once you try it!

Perfect size for little fingers!


2. PB& J

Even the gluten free kiddos love peanut butter and jelly!  Try some of Rudi’s or Udi’s Gluten Free bakery items and of course, no pb&j is complete without one of Justin’s Nut Butters!

Justins/Rudis and Crofters

One Hungry Mama has some awesome PB&J recipe ideas and Style Blue Print boasts The Ultimate PB&J recipe on their blog!

3. Pirates Booty!

What lunchbox is complete without a yummy snack! Pirate Brands offers several flavors of “cheeto-like” cheesy snacks that are super delish and waaaay better for you than the latter. Plus with a name like “Pirate Booty”, what kid would complain!



What gluten free goodies do you pack for your kids? Does your school have an allergen ban on any foods, that makes it hard to create lunches for your kids?

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