Yeah, Little Soya Is The Dom Perignon Of Soy Sauce!

We have to admit, we’re more than a little partial to our premium soy sauce.  After all, it’s an all-purpose seasoning that really does taste great on everything.

But we never get tired of hearing how much all of you “Enjoya Little Soya!”

Here’s yet another great video testimonial from one of our many fans.  What else, she gives a shout out to one of our favorite restaurants, SushiPop.

Thanks so much for all the love Eve!

Little Soya A Huge Hit at Winter Fancy Food Show!

Bri and Melissa at the Little Soya Booth during the 2012 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.

Exhausted and overstuffed, Little Soya is coming home!

Following an incredibly successful trip to the 2012 Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, our intrepid staff is finally heading home to Houston.

For the past three days we’ve continued to spread the word about our premium gluten-free, less-sodium soy sauce to the tens of thousands in attendance at the year’s first major food show.  We made great contacts and hope to bring further good news in the days and weeks to come.

But, we definitely took advantage of all the time there to sample as many of the 80,000 or so products being exhibited.

Now, if we can just get a little sleep.

You can read a wrap-up from each day of the show here.

Also, browse a list of the featured products from the show.  Check out Little Soya in the “What’s New” section!

Little Soya Is Going Back to Cali!

The Winter Fancy Food Show attracts more than 17,000 attendees each year.

We’re going back to Cali, Cali, Cali.

Little Soya is heading west to attend the premier specialty food and beverage trade show, the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco on Jan. 15-17.

Held by the National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, the Winter Fancy Food Show is the first major food show of 2012 and is a major launching pad for specialty and gourmet food makers.

Each year more than 17,000 attendees discover 80,000 products featuring the world’s finest foods and beverages sampled by more than 1,300 exhibitors from 35 countries.

We’ll be making our first appearance at the show and are extremely excited to further introduce our premium, gluten-free and less-sodium soy sauce to the thousands in attendance. 

Come check us out!  We’ll be in the What’s New, What’s Hot section #5604

Stay tuned for further information from the show!

2012 Winter Fancy Food Show

Scallion Pancakes- Soyafied!

These addictive, crispy triangles of deliciousness takes snacking to a whole new level with the Soyafied dipping sauce.

Scallion Pancakes with Scallion Dipping Sauce (Adapted from 2009 The Best of America’s Test Kitchen)

8 Little Soya Fishies
1 tbsp. rice vinegar
1 tbsp. mirin
1 tbsp. water
1 scallion, sliced thin
1 tsp. chili oil (optional, but highly recommended)
½ tsp. toasted sesame oil

Combine all ingredients in a serving bowl and set aside.

1 ½ cups unbleached AP flour, extra for the work surface
1 tsp. salt
½ cup water, plus extra if needed
¼ cup vegetable oil, plus extra for brushing
2 tsp. toasted sesame oil
6 scallions, minced
2 tbsp. minced fresh cilantro

1. Whisk the flour and salt together in a medium bowl. Add 1/2 cup water and mix with a fork until combined (add 1 tsp. of additional water if needed, until the dough comes together). Turn the dough onto a lightly floured work surface and knead until it is smooth and satiny. Transfer the dough to a clean bowl, brush with a thin layer of vegetable oil, and let it rest at room temperature for 30 minutes.

2. Divide the dough into 4 equal pieces and keep it covered with plastic wrap. Follow the photos and work with one piece of dough at a time. Roll into 7-inch circle about 1/8 inch thick on a lightly floured work surface. Brush the dough rough lightly with sesame oil, then sprinkle with 2 tbsp. of scallions and 1 1/2 tsp. of cilantro.

3. Following the photos, roll 1 piece of dough into a cylinder, then coil the cylinder into a round, tuching the tail end underneath. Then roll into a 5-inch pancake, about 1/4 inch thick. Set aside and cover with plastic wrap while repeating with the remaining dough pieces, scallions, and cilantro

4. Heat 1 tbsp. of the vegetable oil in a non-stick skillet over medium heat until simmering. Add a dough round and cook until golden brown on both sides. Transfer the pancake to a cutting board, tent with foil, and repeat with the remaining 3 tbsp. of oil and 3 dough rounds. Sliced the cooked pancakes into wedges and serve with Scallion Dipping Sauce.