Little Soya Now Available Online!

Little Soya is now available to purchase online!

Still waiting for Little Soya to be stocked in your local grocery store?

Well, the wait is finally over!  Thanks to our good friends over at Gluten-Free Houston, Little Soya is now available to purchase online!

Now you can enjoy the world’s best gluten-free, less-sodium and non-GMO premium soy sauce anywhere in the US.

Already well-suited for today’s on-the-go lifestyle, Little Soya is now even more convenient.  Just place your order online and have it shipped directly to your home.

Each pack of 12 “fish” soy sauce containers sells for $7.99 with free shipping.

Little Soya On Channel 2 … Again!

Little Soya is the new queen of the midday thanks to our friends at Channel 2 and HEB.

For the second straight week, Little Soya made an appearance during the KPRC Local 2 News Midday on Thursday’s “Cookin’ Time With HEB“.

During the popular segment, Showtime Chef Jeffrey Alfeche gives viewers delicious yet simple recipe ideas to use at home.  A tasty ahi tuna dish was on today’s menu using none other than everyone’s favorite soy sauce, Little Soya!

Click here for the recipe!

Last week, Chef Jeffrey gave Little Soya a nice little shout out while preparing a beautiful Italian grilled salmon fillet.

Thanks again Chef!  We really appreciate the love!



Little Soya Ninjas Invade SXSW!

Little Soya Ninjas Invade SXSW!

If you’re attending SXSW up in Austin this week, be on the lookout!

We sent our six bravest gluten-free ninjas to the festival to help spread the word about Little Soya.  If you see them on the streets of Austin, make sure you ask for your free sample.

Ninjas can be quite elusive, however, so be sure to check out our Twitter feed for their locations!

Just make sure you’re not using the other guys’ soy sauce!  Nothing else makes these ninjas loose their cool as quickly.  You have been warned!

Soy Sauce Challenge…Little Soya Wins Again!

Brian took the Little Soya challenge. Will you?

Another one bites the dust.
Little Soya is still the champion and remains undefeated in the gluten-free soy sauce taste challenge.  We’ve put it to you to see if you can find a better tasting soy sauce than our Little Soya.

Check out this blog post from Brian over at  He taste-tested Little Soya and compared it to one of the leading gluten-free soy sauce brands on the market.

“The Little Soya product did have some salt notes, but was far less salty than the [other] product. And, the actual soy sauce flavor came out. And unlike other low-sodium soy sauces, it doesn’t have a bad aftertaste. It was quite refreshing to have soy sauce that is low in sodium, and has great flavor.”

There’s little surprise to us who he crowned the best-tasting.  Welcome to the club Brian!

You Love Us! You Really Love Us!

An awesome photo sent to us from one of our thousands of fans!

An awesome pic sent from one of our thousands of fans!

Honestly, one of the most fun parts of our jobs at Little Soya is hearing from you, our fans.  We think Little Soya is the best-tasting soy sauce on the planet, but we never get tired of our fans telling us how much they enjoy it.

Today we just wanted to post a few of the hundreds of messages we’ve been hearing and receiving the past few weeks from some of our biggest fans.


“My daughter called me from HEB and said, ‘You’ll never guess what I found.  It’s a portable gluten-free soy sauce called Little Soya.’  “You guys changed our lives.  My daughter and I are both gluten free.  Now we can go to any Asian restaurant and bring your soy sauce with us!”Maggie Cox

“I went to the Fancy Food show specifically to find new and innovative companies that our firm would be interested in helping get acquired.  The only one that I found that met all our qualifications was Little Soya!”Managing Director of a major mergers and acquisitions firm

Another great fan photo!

“Little Soya was a huge hit with my family last night and was declared the best soy sauce by my picky kids!”Victoria Lindsay

“This is like the Dom Perignon of soy sauce.  Actually you can try it just straight without any sushi and it really tastes different.  It’s so good!”Eve Mayer Orsburn

“I took one of your samples back to my restaurant last night and did a blind taste-testing with the three other soy sauces that we provide and everyone but one person picked your soy sauce!” –  General manager of Moshi Moshi in San Francisco

“Snaps for Little Soya soy sauce.  It’s so yummy in my tummy!  And the tummies of other cool Nebraskans!  Plus, they’re so dang cute!”Deborah Schmucker

“I am fueled by a gluten-free lifestyle.  Thanks to Little Soya.  I now can enjoy soy sauce conveniently at my favorite sushi restaurants!”Pei Pei “Peppa” Yuan

Thanks for the great pic Pei Pei!

“Awesome product both inside and out!  We fish offshore and often eat fresh mahi mahi.  YAour packaging and soy sauce are perfect for it!  As well as the car or at the dinner table!  Well done Little Soya!Jaime Duke Benson

“We really enjoyed our first batch of Little Soya today!  It is fantastic!  It’s not salty but quite tasty.  Thank you for such a great product!”Manuela Cabral Fly

And please, keep sending us your messages.  Hit us up on Twitter or Facebook or just shoot us an email.  Hearing from you is what makes this job so much fun!

Little Soya Featured in Spoon Magazine!

Little Soya Featured in Spoon Magazine

It’s been a great month for us at Little Soya.  We made our first TV appearance and then landed the front page of the business section in the Houston Chronicle.

Now, Little Soya is being featured in the February issue of Spoon magazine, Houston’s newest food and entertainment magazine.

From the creators of Barstool magazine, Spoon showcases what’s new and hot in the Houston food scene.  Each month they highlight the latest dining trends and offer restaurant reviews for those just visiting town and local foodies alike.

Pick up your copy today!

Little Soya on the Big Screen…Well, Computer Screen!

We always knew Little Soya was destined to be a star!  Finally, the precocious frontgirl for everyone’s favorite soy sauce has found the perfect vehicle to shine in the spotlight.

All of us at Little Soya are extremely excited to announce the official release of “Little Soya: The 5 Deadly Chefs”.  This is just the first installment of an epic miniseries starring our delicious gluten-free, less-sodium soy sauce.

Written and directed by David Nguyen, ““Little Soya: The 5 Deadly Chefs” transports viewers to a dystopian society where Little Soya is in short supply.  A source of ancient, mystical powers which allow those who consume it to jump higher, run faster, think smarter and cook healthier, Little Soya is highly sought after by dark forces wishing to exploit it.

Wing-Lei aka “Johnni CrossFit”, Little Soya’s sworn protector, must defend her from five evil executive chefs who will stop at nothing to get their greedy hands on what’s left of the dwindling reserves.

Can Wing-Lei survive and keep Little Soya safe from those willing to abuse it for their own gains?  Or will Her Daoness’ trickery ultimately prevail?

Wrapping up production on "Little Soya: The 5 Deadly Chefs".

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who gave us a hand in making this film.  We honestly could never have done this without all of your help.

We’re so proud of the final product and look forward to hear what all of our fans …and soon-to-be fans… think!

Remember to keep checking our Facebook, Twitter and blog pages for more information about the upcoming sequels as the Little Soya saga continues to unfold.


DIRECTED BY: David Nguyen //

WARDROBE BY: Danny Nguyen //


STARRING: Dave Driskell, as Little Soya’s Protector, Wing-Lei “Johnni CrossFit”

CO-STARRING: Jennifer Dao, as The Beautiful & Sultry “Her Daoness”


Crystal Lee, as Jadis “Chopstix” Lex [the pretty chef]
Patrick Chiu [founder Sushi Raku] as, “Pan-da Chiu”
Brandon Jung Castillo, as Lox “The Romeo” Umami [the knocked out chef]
Melissa Howey, as Deadly Blond AKA “Shinobi-iri” [the pretty chef]

HAIR: Wes “NiceHair” Palmer & Jourdan Moore
MAKE-UP: Sheila Renee Kirk

Media Frenzy Swarming Little Soya!

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.1012059&w=425&h=350&]


Little Soya is blowing up!

In case you missed it, Little Soya made her television debut Monday night, featured in a news story about gluten-free diets on KRIV Fox 26.

Little Soya founder and CEO Gary T. Murphy being interviewed by Fox 26 reporter Ned Hibberd.

Little Products Co. founder and CEO, Gary T. Murphy, was interviewed by Fox 26 reporter Ned Hibberd about the increased demand for gluten-free products as the number of Americans diagnosed with gluten sensitivities continues to grow.

Earlier this week, Gary and Little Products Co. Global Accounts Manager, Crystal Lee, made an appearance on the BusinessMakers Radio Show to discuss Little Soya’s unprecedented rate of expansion with host Russ Capper.

They also spoke a little more about the future of Little Products Co., including  Little Saucy, a hot sauce set to launch later this year.

Also, be on the lookout for us to be featured in a story later this week on the gluten-free food industry in the Houston Chronicle.

Little Soya Is Going Hollywood!

Shooting the first scene of the film in downtown Houston. We can't wait to see the final cut!

Little Soya is going Hollywood, but we promise it won’t go to our heads.

Little Soya is extremely excited to announce the upcoming release of the first installment of an epic miniseries starring your favorite gluten-free, less-sodium soy sauce.  We wrapped up on set on Sunday and are now anxiously awaiting the final edits as we anticipate it to premiere within the next week or so.

Filming on location in downtown Houston. Check out that Rolls Royce!

Future Oscar contender David Nguyen wrote and helmed this action-packed tour-de-force, while brother Danny Nguyen of Danny Nguyen Couture provided the wardrobe.

While the film’s big star is Little Soya, this is not a commercial.  We wanted to do something a little different.  This is a beautifully shot short film that is both unique and engaging.  And, yes, it will help get the word out about Little Soya, but we wanted it to entertain first.

Actor Dave Driskell on set with the film's star, Little Soya!

Shooting was done on location in downtown Houston with a group of six local acting newcomers filling out the cast.  Spoiler alert!  Several of the characters will meet an untimely demise in the first chapter, but keep an eye out for them as they may make reappearances later in the series.

We plan to release each of the subsequent chapters of the saga every two months.  Each sequel will also lengthen in run time as the story crescendos towards its conclusion.

Cast and crew following an awesome day of shooting! Watch out Cannes, here comes Little Soya!

We all had a blast working on this film and can’t wait for its big debut.  A big thanks to everyone who helped with the production, without each of you this project wouldn’t have been possible.